"Juniper helped me bring confidence back"


As a Guy, I never really understood the whole “looking after your skin” situation until I noticed underneath my beard/moustache and along my hairline becoming incredibly flaky and irritated.

I’d wake up every morning and have a large amount of visual flakiness that would leave me embarrassed going out due to how visual the effects were. Id be constantly rubbing it out throughout the day which led to even more irritation and damaged skin.

It was only when my girlfriend suggested Juniper that I saw results. Starting off with the Medi Balm and Calming Clay Mask the first week to hit the problem hard and then moving to the Calming Face & Body Wash and the Calming Treatment Serum and Sensitive Moisturiser for after.

Juniper helped me bring confidence back and turned me into a daily skincare routine type of guy (haha). Would recommend to anyone!

Nick NSW