Psoriasis Group Product Page

Psoriasis is a complex skin condition that can be identified by well-demarcated. raised patches of dry silvery scaling  on the skin. This condition may be itchy and  is commonly found on the elbows, knees, ears and scalp but can appear anywhere on the body including the nails. Juniper offers a natural alternative to harsh chemicals commonly used to treat this condition, that may assist in reducing the symptoms associated with psoriasis.

  • Calming Face Body Wash

    Calming Face and Body Wash 250ml

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  • Calming Jojoba Moisturiser

    Calming Jojoba Moisturiser 250ml

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  • Calming Treatment Serum

    Calming Treatment Serum 100ml

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  • Ultra Calm Replenishign Cream 800 X 800

    Ultra Calm Replenishing Cream

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  • Detoxifying Body Exfoliant

    Detoxifying Body Exfoliant 100g

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  • Medi Balm

    Medi Balm

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  • Medi Balm

    Medi Balm 80g

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  • Scar Treatment Serum

    Scar Treatment Serum 30ml

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