"My skin is much smoother, more balanced, and with less breakouts. "

” I was introduced to Juniper when I moved to the Northern Beaches a few years ago. I discovered that this local, family owned business was not only organically natural, but naturopathically formulated.. and… it works!!

I’ve been using the Juniper range personally and I can honestly say I’ve noticed the difference. I am prone to pimply skin and since using the oil balancing moisturiser my skin is much smoother, more balanced, and with less breakouts.

In my clinic i see many people with a variety of issues, including the skin. While focusing on the inner work, it is also very important to treat the skin topically. Juniper offers a range of products to suit anyone’s skin type, as well as being able to treat more serious skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, rosacea. I am yet to hear from someone saying that they didn’t like to use the range. I’m a fan! ”

Michelle Worth BHSc Newport NSW