Eczema Dermatitis Group Product Page

There are many forms of dermatitis but we tend to hear more about the following categories – atopic, contact and seborrheic. A history check by a practitioner to establish which form of dermatitis is recommended to gain the best treatment. Junipers sensitive range of products calms the skin and reduces itchiness whilst providing a protective barrier.  For a product recommendation and daily routine for your particular form of dermatitis, view daily routines below.

  • Calming Face Body Wash

    Calming Face and Body Wash 250ml

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  • Calming Jojoba Moisturiser

    Calming Jojoba Moisturiser 250ml

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  • Calming Treatment Serum

    Calming Treatment Serum 100ml

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  • Ultra Calm Replenishign Cream 800 X 800

    Ultra Calm Replenishing Cream

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  • Medi Balm

    Medi Balm

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  • Medi Balm

    Medi Balm 80g

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  • Pure Rejuvenation Oil

    Pure Rejuvenation Oil 30ml

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  • Sensitive Cleansing Lotion

    Sensitive Cleansing Lotion 125ml

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  • Calming Rose Otto Mist

    Calming Rose Otto Mist 125ml

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  • Sensitive Rejuvenation Oil

    Sensitive Rejuvenation Oil 30ml

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  • Sensitive Moisturising Lotion

    Sensitive Moisturising Lotion 50ml

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  • Vanilla Rose Hand Cream

    Vanilla Rose Hand Cream 50ml

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