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 Our extensive range of body products not only smell divine and leave your skin feeling luxurious, but give your skin a salon quality treatment.

  • Calming Face Body Wash

    Calming Face and Body Wash 250ml

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  • Intensive Body Lotion

    Intensive Body Lotion 250ml

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  • Calming Jojoba Moisturiser

    Calming Jojoba Moisturiser 250ml

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  • Calming Treatment Serum

    Calming Treatment Serum 100ml

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  • 20210210 Juniper53360 Anti Ageing Body Oil

    Anti-Ageing Revitalising Body Oil 100ml

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  • Nuturing Body Oil

    Nurturing Body Oil 100ml

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  • Detoxifying Body Exfoliant

    Detoxifying Body Exfoliant 100g

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  • Tropical Outdoor Moisturiser

    Tropical Outdoor Moisturiser 100g

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  • Medi Balm

    Medi Balm

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  • Medi Balm

    Medi Balm 80g

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  • Scar Treatment Serum

    Scar Treatment Serum 30ml

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  • Vanilla Rose Hand Cream

    Vanilla Rose Hand Cream 50ml

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