"My clients have never seen such rapid results before"

I want to tell you the most amazing story about a middle-aged lady who came into the store on
Monday with the most painful, bright red, inflamed face, covered in hundreds of tiny Rosacea like
pimples. She was so reactive and dry that she hadn’t been able to put anything on her face. She
was looking to replace her skin care range with something natural and hypoallergenic. I
recommended the Antioxidant Skin Firming Serum, for its Aloe vera content to calm her skin (we
didn’t have any of the Calming Serum in stock and she didn’t want anything “oily”), and sent her
home with some samples of the Sensitive Cleanser and Moisturiser, as well as the Moisture rich
hydrating cream to try a couple of days later, as I thought she might need more moisture if she could
tolerate it.
Yesterday (Thursday), a woman came up to me and asked to buy a couple of products she had
samples for. Certainly, I said, which products did you want? Don’t you remember me? Asked the
woman; you gave me these samples for my skin earlier this week. It was the same woman; I hadn’t
recognised her! Her face was clear of pimples, smooth, without the slightest redness! It’s a miracle,
she said, you cured me! It’s not me, I cried in amazement, it’s Juniper! I have never seen such rapid
results before. One very happy customer, and she bought the whole range, and did choose the
heavier moisturiser that I suggested. Thought you might appreciate this news. I was blown
Thank you!
Kind regards