"Juniper is honestly the best skin brand I’ve ever used!"

I’ve been using Juniper for the past 5 years and it is honestly the best skin brand I’ve ever used! I love that it is home grown from Australia, it has been the only brand I’ve stuck with for that long as the price is so affordable for the whole range and I feel it is that constant for my skin whatever I’m going through (stress/lots of sun/bad diet)! I’ve gotten heaps of my friends and even boyfriend onto it and they all absolutely love it!!! 


I use the green range the oily dehydrated skin range. 


It particularly reduced my breakouts to almost none at all now, hydrated my skin without making it oily (which i had issues with other skincare) and calmed it down in general (it used to be very reactive and usually flared up with redness etc).  I could confidently wear no makeup up leaving the house which i didn’t do before using Juniper. 



Kristy C