"I am hooked for life and only wish I had found Juniper Products years ago"

After seeing a Practitioner who recommended Juniper products suited to my skin type, I found the smell and feel of the products was delightful and soothing. After one month there was a visible difference to my skin and I was hooked. After 6 months, my skin has never looked or felt better. I would get stressed about my skin before I started using Juniper, I tried many different products. I wanted to use a natural, organic, ethically sound product. I am so grateful that I found the Juniper range.⠀
As part of the damage done to my skin from being in the sun, I had sun spots and a few raised white lumps on my face which I later found out was Keratosis spots. I didn’t want to leave the house without makeup. I actually scratched one off which caused a scab (tmi). It was recommended that I use the scar treatment serum on top of the regular Juniper skin care regime. The scab and scar was gone within a week or two.⠀

My next favourite product is the Regenerative facial exfoliant, which is so gentle. This is like a facelift in a tube, after use your skin glows and looks smooth and soft. I now feel that I at least look my age if not younger ;0))). I am hooked for life and only wish I had found Juniper Products years ago. I recommend it to all my family and friends who have seen results also, especially my 13 year old son – who has been suffering from acne on his face and back. I can tell when he is and is not using his Juniper products and a gentle reminder is all he needs as he also sees the benefits with clearer skin. Thank you Juniper! ⠀