"How Good. Thank you Juniper, you’re the best!"

Firstly this is not a empty sound bite or a lame lip service, This is the just a honest account of my experience.

I have had Rosacea since I was about 19, it is honestly the pits! I have been to numerous Dr’s and skin specialist, all to no avail. I had basically resigned myself to the hopeless stage of acceptance, In fact I have become accustomed to being called Rudolph, which isn’t ideal.

However, Long story short, a friend came to my aid with a “Juniper Solution”. I had little to no expectation, I basically gave it a go as a “supportive exercise” to her. However to complete astonishment after almost 18 years my rosacea is actually the best it has ever been, I just can’t believe how good it came in just one week.

The real genius is, Juniper are accepting natural solutions, utilising what the earth has made available and connecting people with these natural solutions , How Good. Thank you Juniper, you’re the best!


Products Used

– Calming Face & Body Wash
– Calming Treatment
– Medi Balm